They consider him a family member

Can you guess how “Blue” got his name? Dave and Cindy Pierce are thrilled with their new, old pickup. -Photos provided

We were introduced to “Blue” in a Christmas letter when Dave and Cindy Pierce of West Des Moines announced they have a new family member. Or you might call Blue a long lost family member who found his way back into the family.

I had actually met him years ago, long before he had gone through a transformation. He was even a guest of ours, spending over 10 years on our farm.

We’ve all known others like Blue - lost, abandoned, rusty patches peeking through overgrown weeds, being consumed by Mother Nature. That’s how Cindy found him. “When grandpa died in 1970, they just parked it in a grove on the farm and left it there,” she said. The farm was located outside the little town of Kamrar, Iowa, Cindy’s hometown.

Cindy’s Grandpa John H. Tapper bought the Chevy pickup new in 1951 after trading in a 1949 pickup and kicking in an extra $200.

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