Ogden youth experience the symphony

The fourth grade class, along with their teachers Alicia Rude, Kim Swanson, and Liz Studer, traveled to the Civic Center in Des Moines Tuesday, March 25 for a special concert featuring the Des Moines Symphony and the Des Moines Youth Symphony, conducted by Maestro Joseph Giunta.  

Before the field trip, students discussed the instruments of the orchestra, proper concert etiquette, and biographical information about the composers of the pieces they were going to hear performed.  

At the concert, Maestro Giunta explained what each piece was about, and then the symphony would play an excerpt from the piece. The students sat in the front rows of the Civic Center and had a close up look to the fingers of the musicians!  Students enjoyed hearing the first movement from Bruch’s “Violin Concerto in G Minor”, as it featured a student soloist from Valley High School, Laura Carther.  They also enjoyed the excitement from the movements of “The Firebird” by Stravinksy.

After returning to school, students wrote about what they saw at the concert, what they heard at the concert, and what their favorite piece of music was.

Student comments  

Creed: It was cool because all of the songs were a story.

Logan: That was the first time I have ever went to a symphony and I think that you gave me a good experience and I just want to say thank you.

Emma: I wish we could go there every day and that is why I liked the symphony.

William: I loved the conductor even though he was old he still had some pep in his step and a spark in his engine.

Linden: I also liked the one by Beethoven because I just like how his music sounds. 

Reagan: I had never been to a symphony before but now I know what people are talking about!

Jacob: There was really fast finger movements and kind off got me dizzy.

Malorie: What a concert. Yes  my dream was to see real people play the violin.

Odette: I’m hopping sometime in spring and bring my family members.  To me that was the best music I ever heard in my life. 

Braden: I liked the girl from Valley High School (the soloist). I can’t believe she remembered all of that!

Kolson: What I heard was in different scenes was when it was the fight it got loud, when it was dancing princesses the music got lighter. 

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