Ogden receives a lifesaving gift

This portable CPR device recently acquired by Ogden First Responders is easily assembled and can be stored in a case the size of a backpack, with straps for easy portability.

Ogden First Responders will soon have an important lifesaving tool on board their ambulance. The Responders recently acquired a Physio-Control LUCAS® 3 Chest Compression System or portable CPR machine as Ogden First Responder Terry Will calls it.

“The machine will make sure our patient is getting good, consistent CRP compressions while being transported to the nearest treatment facility,” says Will. “It will depress 2.1”, 101 times a minute.”

According to Will, Ogden was the beneficiary of a very generous gift from a prominent individual who felt those living in the rural areas of America should have access to such a device.

Boone County Hospital applied for the $22,000 grant on behalf of the Ogden First Responders. Each county was provided four Lucas devices. BCH  retained three while Ogden received the fourth.

Read more in the April 11 issue of The Ogden Reporter.