Dangers of grain

Boone County Fireman Jeff Blair (far left) and colleagues during a grain rescue training last October. -Photo by Becky Blair

The Boone County Farm Bureau is having Grain Bin Rescue Tube Demonstrations at the Boone County Fair on Sunday, July 16, from 2-4 p.m.

In an effort to promote grain bin safety, prevent grain-related accidents and to better prepare and equip emergency responders, the Boone County Farm Bureau raised funds and purchased the equipment needed for all the Fire departments in Boone County and also provided classes and training. The equipment included rescue tubes, rescue augers, safety harnesses and power drills to operate the augers.  

The tubes are in four to six sections and then placed around the individual trapped in the grain and pushed down as far as they can. Then a drill-powered auger is used to remove the grain from inside the tube, freeing the individual.

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