After the Ogden Mart went up in flames last November, the owner has been waiting patiently for the insurance to kick in before clean-up could begin. Tyler Wisecup of Wisecup Trucking has started clean up of the Ogden Mart debris.

Clean-up has started on the remains of the Ogden Mart.

The loss of the town's grocery store in a fire last November was a tragic blow to the community but the new year will see the lot cleaned up for new possibilities.

Cleaning up the remains is a big task, made all the more complicated by the expectation of asbestos in the rubble. The day after the fire, the Department of Natural Resources visited the site to explain what to expect in the clean-up.

"We've been preparing ourselves for that," said Tyler Wisecup, owner of Wisecup Trucking, who has been tasked with cleaning up the site.

Earlier this month Wisecup's crew removed all of the asbestos from the south half of the property. Now that the south section has been abated of asbestos, they will be working to clear out the remaining material over the next couple weeks.

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