Another wet Oktoberfest

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

A day without rain. Was that too much to ask for? Apparently it was. But a crowd still gathered at the park Sunday afternoon for Ogden’s Oktoberfest celebration, and had a fun-filled day, in spite of the rain. Above, an unidentified little girl attempts to pin the nose on the pumpkin. VisionBank was sponsor for this game.    -Ogden Reporter photo by Kathy Pierce

Top notch spellers test their skills


Coordinator Lynn Smith reported 33 youth participated in the 2018 Oktoberfest Spelling Bee. Students were divided by grade level and prizes were awarded to the top three spellers in each grade.



First Grade: 1st place, Benjamin Stotts; 2nd place, Lexi Sesker; 3rd place, Aaron Bergstrom.

Second Grade: 1st place, Josiah Stotts; 2nd place, Evie Ulrich; 3rd place, Gabe Haub. Third Grade: 1st place, Hannah Tilley; 2nd place, Olivia Schmidt; 3rd place, Trinity Stoneburner.

Fourth Grade: Alena Wilson; 2nd place, Thomas Bergstrom; 3rd place, Clara Kruse.

Fifth Grade: 1st place, CeJay Jones; 2nd place, Declan Sanculi; 3rd place, Sophia Haub.

Sixth Grade: 1st place, Owen Bergstrom; 2nd place, Vandon Roosa, 3rd place, Meredith Kruse. 

Seventh Grade: 1st place, Izzy Reutter; 2nd place, Simon Hickingbottom; 3rd place, Kailee Will.

Eighth Grade: 1st place, Matthew Taylor; 2nd place, David Hammer.


PICTURED TOP LEFT: First graders Lexi Sesker, Aaron Bergstrom and Benjamin Stotts compete for placings.